What is BOHICA?

BOHICA is a set of wargames rules specifically for the Vietnam Wars 1945 to 197…….They therefore cover the French Indo China War as well as the later conflicts involving 'Free World Forces' and the final days of the conflict as well as the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia and following Chinese invasion invasion of Vietnam.  

They are for games ranging from small units operations where every figure is independent to larger games of squad/ section/ platoon/ company and above. The true balance is the platoon level of approximately 30 figures depending of your unit orbat.

Figures/ units operate under a Skills & Drills level that depending on their ability governs how many Action Points are allotted and can then be ‘spent’ on actions covering such areas as observation, movement, firing, melee etc. Therefore a Navy Seal unit with a S&D level of 5 has 5 AP to ‘spend’ that move. A local militia unit with an S&D score of 2 has only 2 AP to ‘spend’. There is even a hero category for such characters as Rambo if that’s what you want.

Action Points cover all possible action so spend 1 AP to try and observe, 1 AP to aim carefully at your target and 1 AP to fire. If you still have some to spend then perhaps diving for good cover is worth doing.

The rules cover all aspects of the conflict including the use of vehicles and aircraft from helicopters to fixed wing and these work in the same was regarding S&D and AP except of course their movement is separate to the AP system.

Also covered are communications, booby traps, snakes, food poisoning, vehicle mechanical breakdown, command and control, medics, artillery, all types of weapons, and so much more. Add to this a random chance factor linked to scenarios and BOHICA provides an easy to play, fast flowing, realistic and fun game with both sides having a good chance of victory.

The rules come with four practise scenarios and future scenario books specifically aimed at both historic and fictional battles.

And incase you were wondering BOHICA in a military term used in the conflict - Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Kinda says it all really.



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