28mm Figures.

28mm Figures covering the conflict in French Indo China starting at the end of WW2 involving French forces, into the Vietnam War involving US led Free World Forces and the constant struggle between North and South Vietnam forces.  

There has developed a weird belief that people from North Vietnam were a LOT taller than those in the South. We have no idea where this came from specifically however the Vietnam War historian,  Gordon L Rottman, explains it very well when he writes;

 " Physically, there was little difference between North and South Vietnamese.
The average Vietnamese was 5ft 1in.-5ft 4in. (1.57-1.63m) tall and weighed
110-122 Ib (50-55kg). South Vietnamese often claimed they could identify a
North Vietnamese by physical appearance. Northerners were reputed to have
more Chinese-like facial features, were taller, bigger-boned and had fairer
complexions. While these features were slightly more prevalent among
northerners, they were by no means
widespread and could be found among
southerners, albeit less frequently. Also, after
the communist takeover, some 950,000
refugees fled the North to South Vietnam
between 1954 and 1955. Most settled in the
RVN's northern provinces or around Saigon.
Their children were liable to be drafted into
the ARVN."

To illustrate this simply Google pictures of Vietnamese standing next to western troops. One way to measure figures in picture is to use the weapon they carry as a measuring stick because although people change weapons do not. To help an M16 is 39.5 inches in length. 

Empress Miniatures has scaled their Vietnamese figures authentically smaller than there Free World figures such as Americans,  Australians and of course French.

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