All of the vehicles on this page fit with our 28mm figures perfectly. However there is a disconnect between model railway based scales and wargames scales.

Empress Miniatures own range of modern vehicles are 1/50 scale. This scale was unique to the Empress range (formally Imprint) but has now been adopted by many other companies. We also now own the HLBSC 1/48 scale range of vehicles which are 1/48 scale . The difference in the two scales is teeny weeny and not noticeable alongside our range of modern figures.  

Many wargames companies suffer scale creep with their vehicles and so what may be quoted as a scale is not. This is especially true of what is scaled as 1/56th scale which invariably look far too small against the figures especially when the figures are based. so please take care.

  This situation often creates confusion so please be careful but you can trust us that we are very particular about scale and we use the slightly different scales on our table top and they look fantastic. 
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