The Wild Bunch

This range is a western gunfight range with a little difference. Having lived through the age of the Hollywood Western, some good, some bad, some amazing we all realised that no matter what our age we all had favourite characters from the cinema for this genre. 

Yes we had a tendency to whinge about the accuracy of the costumes or the weapons and sometimes the story lines. And why can't the Indians win for once. But the obvious fact was that cinema had more impact on us than the real history. As a young lad I would rush home from Cub Scouts, via the chip shop for a bag of chips and a pickled onion, to get home in time to see The High Chaparral on BBC 2. I always missed the first 10 minutes but it never ruined the story.

With these type of memories it seemed logical when designing a western gunfight range that we concentrate on film and television rather than just history. So prepare for the release of characters that you will, hopefully, recognise and not only bring back nostalgic memories but allow you to put them into your games.