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The Philippines 1897-1898

Pack content

1 x ESF1 Spanish infantry command group in action, 1896 Equipment

The Philippines 1897-1898.

1 x ESF2 Spanish infantry firing/loading 1896 Equipment

The Philippines 1897-1898. 

1 x ESF3 Spanish infantry skirmishing, 1896 Equipment

The Philippines 1897-1898. 

1 x FL1Filipino infantry command group, Spanish native troops

The Philippines 1896-1898

1 x FL2 Filipino infantry charging, Spanish native troops/Tagalog insurgent

The Philippines 1896-1902

1 x FL3 Filipino infantry skirmishing, Spanish native troops/Tagalog insurgents

The Philippines 1896-1902

1 x Friar Cándido Gómez Carreño, párroco de Baler