Modern Civilians

Although the modern battlefield is called the empty battlefield it can and often does contain civilians. We therefore think its a sensible thing to have packs of these poor people who find themselves caught in  the conflict. Of course they may not always be bystanders. 

The range includes figures for the Middle East, Afghanistan and Europe. For the European figures we decided to not just base them on modern picture references but on characters from a well know British comedy drama called  Auf Wiedersehen pet that ran for four series from 1982 to 2004. The original series were set on a German building site and the series followed the trials and tribulations of a group of British builders looking for work. Its a very British comedy and the characters were very British and work well for Europe during the modern period. It was also fun working out what character would carry if he needed to defend himself against an enemy. Therefore these characters come both armed and unarmed.Many of the actors went onto quite famous careers in film and television. They also make great Zombie hunters. 

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