Lockdown Deals

The last three years have been nothing short of weird. A global pandemic that has killed millions worldwide and a complete disruption to the life we all led and thought normal. We are now, hopefully in the recovery period of the Covid pandemic. However with this recovery has come new challenges caused by the aftermath as prices sore and the economic situation becomes a serious concern. Lets also not forget the incredible disruption caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. God knows where that will end. 

Empress Miniatures can do little to help or support our customers other than continue to ship out our toys as fast as we can and many customers have mentioned that we are helping their mental state so that's great. Added to this we are still selling the NHS charity figure and donating to the Nurses Charity.

However we had thought of a small way to help people in general during the lockdown years with special deals. We have decided to continue this theme with 'Cost of Living Deals'.

We do get quite a lot of odd and sod's figures that build up over the years. Usually these simply return to the melting pot although I have always been a bit sad about that. Therefore we are going to sell one off packs of figures. Each pack of figures are as in the picture and there will only be one of each so when its gone it will not be repeated. These packs offer customers a reasonably logical unit to collect and a good chance to perhaps but a period that you might want to try out. 

The packs are significantly discounted. These will be constantly added to so if you cannot see the period you are interested in just keep looking because it will appear at some point.  

Please note that this is first come first served and so if you bid on something and it has already gone we will substitute for a very similar pack or refund. This is a pain we know but the system will not let us place a stock limit on these individual packs.