Danger Close Rules


Tired of over complicated rules that take a degree in maths, physics and psychology to understand?

Tired of trying to find that particular mechanism that you know is there somewhere but cannot find the page?

Tired of setting up an evening's game and having to pack up three hours later half way through move 4?

The Empress team are! We just wanted to get our toys out and play with terrain that we've spent years working on. We wanted a game that felt right but was accessible and smooth.

While searching we found "Some Corner of a Foreign Field" written by Matt Moran. This one sheet (two sides of A4) rule set is aimed at 4 to 15 figures per side. It's easy to pick up and does everything that we wanted without any problems. We liked the rules so much we obtained the rights to them and have now re-released them under the name "Danger Close"

In summary, each figure is allotted Skills & Drills to classify the figures abilities. There are 5 levels of Skills & Drills and, when linked to a choice of weapon, you can considerably change the abilities of the figures under your command.

Combat creates levels of stress through a game. This stress affects morale to different degrees depending on the type of force you are playing with. As the figures come under increased threat they become more stressed and their abilities suffer.

Danger Close also covers Spotting, shooting, hand to hand, morale, and support weapons. 

Originally designed for games set on a 4' x 4' table we have played on much larger , occasionally adding light artillery for extra realism.

The rules use D20 (20 sided dice) and come as a two-sided laminated sheet.

Price includes UK postage.

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