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Danger Close Faqs.  

The following run through may appear slightly complicated until you actually have a copy of the rules in your hand but then it will all become easy and very user friendly. Honestly its really great fun. 

Each figure is given a Skills & Drills level. This effects everything they do from motivation, actions, command & control to weapons handling and injury. Once you have worked this out for each figure the game runs very smoothly. Its also a great basis for a campaign game as figure progress. Of course, while it is occasionally fun to face off elite soldiers against the unwashed masses, games will generally be more fun with squads that are rather closer in quality.

Can I get a walkthrough of a turn?

Two British squaddies are lurking in the paddyfields by a crucial bridge (SD4 & SD3). Little do they know that four Anti-Coalitions Militia (ACMs, 1 SD3, 3 SD2) have decided to start a fight!

The SD4 (Corporal Clarke) activates first, with 3 actions. He uses the first action to spot the closest ACM, an SD2 conscript called Mukhtar. The target is still (+4), and obscured (+8). However, Clarke is 2SD higher (-2), and there is another man close behind him (-1). Therefore, he needs a 9 to spot. He rolls a 10. He uses his next action to tell Private Parker about the contact. For his final action, he fires at Mukhtar. With +4 for his Skills & Drills, but -2 for Mukhtar being slightly hidden by crops, he needs a 16+ to hit. He rolls an 15, and so Mukhtar takes a point of Stress.

Now it is time for the two S&D3 models to activate. They will both get 3 actions, but we need to establish who goes first with a die roll. The British player rolls a 9, and the ACM a 12. Therefore the mysterious Emir, local ACM commander, will act before Parker. If they had comrades at the same level, each could act with two others before the enemy got a turn (and round and round until all of the S&D3s have acted).

The Emir wants to spot Clarke, who is obscured (+8), still (+4), and has higher Skills & Drills (+1). However, Clarke fired this turn (-3), so he only needs a 10. He rolls a 9, and frustrated, tries again. He gets an 11, and opens fire. The Emir has (+3) for his Skills & Drills, but Clarke is in soft cover (-2), so he needs a 17. He gets 19, and rolls on the injury chart with a -6 for Clarke's heavy armour. He gets a 5, which becomes a -1, and therefore does no damage. Clarke takes a Stress marker too.

Having had Mukhtar's location pointed out to him, Parker now aims for two actions and fires. He has +3 for his S&D, +4 for aiming twice, and -2 for the target being in soft cover - so he needs a 13+ to hit. He gets a 14, and rolls on the injury chart. He gets a 20, and Mukhtar is spun to the ground, dead.

Now it is time for the S&D2 models to activate. Kareem, the one behind Mukhtar, has 2 Stress points because they saw him die. Activating Kareem therefore requires a Morale test. He gets a -1 for his surplus Stress marker, but +1 for being in cover, and +2 for his Skills & Drills. Being an insurgent, he now needs a 15+ to act as desired. He rolls an 8 however, and drops to the ground, firing wildly without thinking to spot. The Brits are both to his side however, and are not endangered by the Dead Unlucky rule.

The final model, Asim, uses his two actions to run forward and goes prone, conscious of his vulnerability to the Firangis' weapons.

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