CWC06 Chechen Forces.

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These products are not advisable for unders 14 years old unless supervised by an adult.


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Product Code CWC06

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Excellent Figures

I was very pleased with this set. It really captures the irregular look common amongst Chechen forces. The dynamic posing for each sculpt gives them great character on the table. I was particularly fond of the miniature wearing the cossack hat cautiously advancing. An honourable mention to the sculpt of the man running carrying an LMG by the handle, the frantic appearance and pose evokes the idea bullets are skipping up by his heels as he crosses open ground.

The castings I received were crisp with minimal flash. As with any metal casted miniatures, there were mould lines, though they were minimal in my experience. Their placement was such that no detail or feature was damaged or otherwise obscured during removal.

The only thing I would note to a prospective buyer is that these miniatures are larger than some of the other lower numbered figure sets in the Empress Chechen range.

Great set of miniatures that could be used in a variety of Eastern European, or even Post-Apocalyptic/disaster settings.

Lucas N. | Canada | December 2022