Dear Customer,

Empress Miniature was established in 2008, originally by two wargames widows Christine and Lorraine, who after a few years let their husbands have some of the limelight, Paul and Keith. Recently things changed slightly and its now just Christine and Paul. In actual fact not big changes as in recent years the both of us had been running the business on a daily basis. Added to this our team of sculptors and model makers has not changed since day one apart from new ones joining the Empress ‘family’. This continuity is something we are very proud of.

The one thing that has not changed is our policy to research, design, develop, manufacture and sell to you the best possible wargames figures, vehicles and terrain that you can buy in the market. As we say ‘Nothing similar is quite as good.’ We also sell a few ranges on behalf of other companies and these are EU based and so difficult for you to get directly. Buying from us makes it a lot more easy for you. We also act as the sales department for Iron Duke Miniatures. All of these additional ranges compliment our own Empress Miniatures ranges. We constantly add to our Empress ranges to refresh them and no range is ever considered complete as there is always something to be added along the way.

We are very proud to have a reputation for top quality products and customer service. Empress Miniatures also has a number of distributers strategically placed around the world to make not only some customers life easier but save on post and packing. Therefore please check our list for the USA, Australia, and the EU,

Please note that some of our products are very detailed and may require some assembly and the uses of tools such as knives, files, glue and scarily common sense, to complete. THESE ITEMS ARE ALSO NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE UNLESS WITH ADULT SUPERVISION. THEY ARE NOT TOYS BUT MODELS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE HIGH END OF THE WARGAMES AND MODEL MARKET.

Please browse through our internet shop and enjoy our fast growing collection of wargames models.

Kind regards,

Paul & Christine.