1898 Miniaturas.

28mm Figures.1898

is the dream come true of Rafael Gómez and Javier Gómez ‘El Mercenario’), two brothers with a decades long link to the world of miniatures that want to show their personal vision of the hobby with this project, a mix of History, modeling and wargaming.

History because 1898 Miniaturas is born with the aim to recreate unfairly forgotten periods of our past, as the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War, complementing the ranges of miniatures with history or uniformology articles of said conflicts from the pen of renowned authors, and dear friends, like Julio Albi de la Cuesta or Francisco Gracia Alonso.

Modeling because 1898 Miniaturas is, above all, an initiative that intends to release 28mm miniatures for collectors, painters and wargamers with a great level of detail and quality, sculpted by José Hidalgo, current sculptor and owner of Miniaturas Beneito and with extensive experience in the sector. Without forgetting, of course, the historical rigor, for which we have accredited advisers like Luis Sorando Muzás or William Combs, or the painting techniques to paint them, by Javier Gómez ‘El Mercenario’.

And Wargame because the 1898 Miniaturas ranges are ideal to recreate conflicts at different scales, from small unit skirmishes to field battles. For this we will offer adaptations of different rulesets for this period, as well as different game scenarios.

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