28mm scale.


A new range of Zombie Apocalypse figures from the imagination of Richard Deasey 

"Project Genesis is a multinational Ultra-Black Operation created in the late Eighties to deal with a number of perceived emergent threats. The organisation comprises of a Military arm, a scientific arm and an investigative branch which has over-riding federal powers.

Funding is without Governmental oversight and is apparently limitless.

Facilities exist in and near many major cities throughout America, Europe, Australia and Asia. These have been concealed often in plain view as warehouses, factories or military bases. One in London is disguised as an underground railway station.

To my knowledge there are at least 700, 000 personnel working in these facilities. They cherry-pick the best of the best in all disciplines and have all sorts of advanced programmes to push them to ever greater levels of accomplishment. The Military arm is downright scary. These guys are the best the combined Militaries of the world can offer. They undergo voluntary "capability enhancement" which is psychological, chemical and physical. Not just fitness training but medical procedures. Their allegiance is entirely to Project Genesis renouncing all prior national allegiance.

The scientific branch conducts hair-raising experiments and there are rumours of dinosaur DNA and alien technology.

Do you remember the "Genesis"? Yeah, the mission to Mars. NASA couldn't fund it so they allowed Project Genesis to piggy-back their own Lander onto the Mother-Ship for cash. The public got to see the NASA Mars landing and all the astronauts doing their thing. They never got to see the Project Genesis team. Their mission was to investigate suspicious telemetry which appeared to indicate an object under sentient control which landed on Mars back in 1988. Remember, this is one of the perceived threats Project Genesis was created to deal with. It took them 27 years but they got there. Things have gone horribly wrong on that mission. There were some terrifying transmissions last month, then all contact ceased until we heard the NASA mission was compromised too. The NASA team made some horrifying reports which were suppressed before the public heard them and then they went quiet too. They have just initiated their return protocols. I fear what they are bringing back. I only heard a little of the transmissions from Mars but if they bring back what caused those broadcasts God help us all.

This is why I have contacted you. The ship must not be allowed to land. It must be destroyed. For all our sakes we cannot allow the "Genesis" home."

Whistle-blower "Archie Soare" in an interview with Hal Caplin of the Washington Post two days before both of them died in an automobile crash.

"Should I issue warrants for the Easter Bunny and the Boogey-Man too?"

Jeb Johnson, Head of Homeland Security to Eugene Mollo of the Washington Post.


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